TransMemory™-EX II

TransMemory™-EX II

 Toshiba TransMemory™-EX II
 Toshiba TransMemory™-EX II - Ultra High Speed

Up to 205MB/s Write Speed and up to 222MB/s Read Speed

This ultra high-speed drive is a life-saver for users who frequently work with large files and want to save them quickly into a portable storage device.

 Toshiba TransMemory™-EX II -  High Capacity

High Capacity

With up to 64GB Capacity, the series offers enough space for your videos, photos and music.

 Toshiba TransMemory™-EX II - Backward Compatible

Backward Compatible

The drives are also usable in devices equipped with USB2.0 hosts with maximum transfer rates of 34MB/sec for reading and 30MB/sec for writing.