3M™ Laptop Privacy Filter (16.9) Black

3M™ Laptop Privacy Filter (16.9) Black

Privacy Protection

3M privacy filters are designed to achieve a 60° viewing angle from the front of the LCD screen. Outside of the viewing angle, only a darkened screen can be seen. This helps to keep confidential data safe from prying eyes. The privacy filter is great to use in high traffic areas such as airports, airplanes, commuter trains, coffee shops and other public places.

Easy to install

A frameless design, constructed to fit widescreen laptops with 16:9 aspect ratio. For actual dimensions, check the specifications page. The package comes included with materials to attach the privacy filter onto the LCD screen.

Reversible Usage

The privacy filter is reversible for non-touch filters, featuring glossy and matte finishes. The matte side reduces glare and reflections.

Screen Protection

Protect the LED display from dirt, debris and scratches. The privacy filter can be cleaned easily with a soft cloth and water.