Dynabook - TransMemory™ U365 Overview
TransMemory™ U365

TransMemory™ U365

Toshiba TransMemory™ U365 - with USB3.0
Toshiba TransMemory™ U365 -  Transfer Your Files Faster!

Up to 150MB/s read speed

Enjoy viewing large files quickly with a high read speed of up to 150MB/s.

Toshiba TransMemory™ U365 - USB3.0


Transfer your video and other large data files with the SuperSpeed 3.0 USB Flash Memory from Toshiba. The new series can transfer content 2 times faster* than with USB2.0!

Toshiba TransMemory™ U365 - High Capacity

High Capacity

By embedding Toshiba 3D Flash memory BiCS FLASH™, the U365 is able to achieve large capacity up to 256GB. A tiny USB flash drive with enough space for hundreds of high-resolution music files and hours of video file.

Toshiba TransMemory™ U365 - Design


Simple shapes without ornate decorations have lasting appeal. The classic matte black body gives subdued and sophisticated feel to the USB flash drive. Capless and sliding retractable design for convenient use.

* Read speed using this device with a USB3.0 interface is approx. two times faster than with a USB2.0 interface. Maximum data write and read speed may vary depending on the host device and file size.