Exercia™ M303

Exercia™ M303

Toshiba Exercia™ M303
Toshiba Exercia™ M303 - Record and Play in 4K or Full HD

Record and Play in 4K or Full HD

Now you can shoot your special moments in 4K or Full HD with your smallest devices. That's because the EXCERIA™ M303 supports UHS-I, Speed Class U3 (V30) for 4K video recording and playback.

Toshiba Exercia™ M303 - Enjoy high read and write speeds

Enjoy high read and write speeds

With read speeds of up to 98 MB/s and write speeds of up to 65 MB/s, you can keep up with the action around you. When you're done shooting, you'll enjoy ultra-fast file transfer. Transferring 300 photo files in approx. 20.8sec.

Toshiba Exercia™ M303 - Optimised for Mobile Devices

Optimised for Mobile Devices

The EXCERIA™ M303 is compatible with the latest SD Association's A1 Application Performance specification Version 5.1, with the expanding needs of utilizing microSD memory card, usually used as external storage device, as internal storage for mobile device such as smartphone. The “A1 classification” specifies at least 1,500 random read IOPS (Input-Output access Per Second), 500 random write IOPS and sustained sequential performance of 10MB/s.

Toshiba Exercia™ M303 - Work under tough conditions

Work under tough conditions

Since the cards were specifically designed for outdoor video recording and photography, we made sure they will perform under extreme conditions. That's why they are shockproof and waterproof.

Toshiba Exercia™ M303 - X-ray proof

X-ray proof

No worries at the airport security check or at your sunny vacation destination. The cards are x-ray proof to protect your precious memories.