Exercia™ Pro N501

Exercia™ Pro N501

Toshiba Exercia™ Pro N501
Toshiba Exercia™ Pro N501 - Capture live fast-action photos

Capture the Action

The Toshiba EXCERIA™ Series has been designed for use by the most demanding professional photographers and 'high action' sports enthusiasts. Capture live fast-action photos or 4K videos while keeping data transfer times to the absolute minimum.

Toshiba Exercia™ Pro N501 - Huge capacity up to 256GB

High Capacity

With up to 256GB capacity, this series offer enough space to store your videos and pictures without running out of space and having to interrupt your shooting and switch cards. With a huge capacity of up to 256GB you can keep approximately 61,0001 pictures and an hour of Full-HD video2.

1 High quality, JPEG compressed picture, 12MP

2 Full HD, uncompressed, professional quality video

Toshiba Exercia™ Pro N501 - Security Software to Protect Your Data and Secure Your Files

Security Software to Protect Your Data and Secure Your Files

Also included is a licence for a data recovery software package that enables users to recover content deleted from the card. With the Toshiba write-protect feature, you can prevent accidental overwrites. Also, no worries at the airport security check, the cards are x-ray proof to protect your precious memories.

* The cards give you the opportunity to recover deleted content using dedicated recovery software. Downloadable from our partners LC Tech up to a year after the card is purchased, the recovery software supports a wide variety of languages and operating systems, to restore your precious memories.