Toshiba NFC SD Card
Toshiba NFC SD Card - World’s First SD card with NFC built-in

World’s First SD card with NFC built-in

The latest SDHC card by Toshiba offers a world’s first innovation that no other SDHC card can rival — Near Field Communication technology (NFC). With this leading innovation, you can view the contents on your NFC SD card just by tapping an Android Smartphone against it. There will no longer be a need to insert your NFC SD card into a camera or card reader.

Toshiba NFC SD Card - The Short Way to See Clearly

The Short Way to See Clearly

Remove the hassle of plugging your SD cards into your device just to see what they contain and how much spare capacity they have. With the world's first NFC SDHC Card from Toshiba, you can see what's on the card without having to plug it into your camera or card reader. Instead, you preview card content and spare capacity simply by bringing your NFC-enabled Android™ smartphone close to the card.

Toshiba NFC SD Card - Easy Setup

Easy Setup

Just install the "Memory Card Preview" app on your device and bring it in contact with the memory card. The app will reveal how much free space the card has, as well as 16 thumbnails of photos stored on it.

Toshiba NFC SD Card - High Capacity

High Capacity for your Shots

With up to 32GB capacity, the Toshiba NFC card offers enough space to store your high resolution images.

Toshiba NFC SD Card - Secure Your Files

Secure your file

With the Toshiba write-protect feature, you can prevent accidental overwrites.

Toshiba NFC SD Card - High Durability

High Durability

With the Toshiba EXCERIA™ Professional SD Cards, you can capture the perfect shot in almost any climate - the cards operate in temperatures ranging from -25°C to +85°C.