CompactFlash® Exercia™

CompactFlash® Exercia™

Toshiba CompactFlash® Exercia™
Toshiba CompactFlash® Exercia™ - High-End Performance and Affordable

High-End Performance At An Affordable Price

The ultra high speed cards deliver a maximum read speed of 150MB/s, making them perfect for up to 14 frames/sec continuous shooting and full HD video recording at up to 30 frames/sec.

Toshiba CompactFlash® Exercia™ - High Capacity

High Capacity

Available with 32, 64, or 128GB, the series offers enough storage space for high-quality videos and RAW photos.

Toshiba CompactFlash® Exercia™ - Restore Your Precious Memories

Restore Your Precious Memories

The new EXCERIA™ CompactFlash® silver cards give you the opportunity to recover deleted content using dedicated recovery software. Downloadable from our partners LC Tech up to a year after the card is purchased, the recovery software supports a wide variety of languages and operating systems, to restore your precious memories.

Toshiba CompactFlash® Exercia™ - Compatible with UDMA7 and VPG-20

Compatible with UDMA7 and VPG-20

This series supports the latest high-resolution Ultra Direct Mode Access 7 (UDMA 7) and the new Video Performance Guarantee Profile 2 (VPG-20). The VPG-20 standard enables high quality full HD video (1080p) capture streams at a minimum write speed of 20MB/sec. They can therefore be used in the latest high-end DSLR cameras. Capture and store your high-quality images and full-HD videos on the Toshiba CF cards!

Toshiba CompactFlash® Exercia™ - Durable Design

Durable Design

The solid construction helps to protect against shock and vibration. The card is also built to resist exposure to X-rays (ISO 7816-1 Compliant).