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Leave the disposal of discarded devices to us

From time to time it’s necessary to change business assets to more advanced devices, to ensure high productivity and to lower running energy costs. With our Asset Recovery Service, the secure and environmentally friendly disposal of redundant IT devices is as easy as it seems. Just leave your used products with us and we’ll take care of recycling – as well as secure and reliable deletion of all data. And if your discarded products are in good condition, you might even receive an appropriate refund.

Service Specifications

Service Description

This programme includes the safe and eco-friendly disposal of IT related devices with the possibility of an appropriate refund. This means that you will receive a fixed amount for your old devices in case they are in conditions that qualify them for resale. Otherwise, your devices will be recycled and we will take care of a proper disposal by qualified electronic waste disposal agencies.

What will Dynabook do with the returned assets?

Asset Resale

If your discarded devices are in good condition, they may qualify for resale or donation for charity purposes. After inspecting your products, you will either receive an upfront refund depending on general market values.

Asset Recycling

If your discarded devices have no market value they will be recycled. After inspecting your products we will securely destroy all data and ensure proper and eco-friendly disposal.

Data Sanitisation

All data on your devices will be deleted within the new NIST SP800-88 and US Department of Defense 5220.2-M Standards, which ensure that data can’t be restored. After successfully erasing your data, you will receive a certificate of data sanitisation if requested.

Minimum Quantity

This service is available for 25 or more devices per site.


A handling fee and logistic cost must be paid for every device. This amount depends on the quantity of registered products.

Accepted Devices

Most IT related device (laptops, tablets, personal computer, server) from most enterprise brands will be accepted within this service.


This Asset Recovery Service is available in most countries in Asia

Service Process



Dynabook Singapore Pte Ltd (hereinafter referred to as “Dynabook”) has set up an Enterprise Asset Recovery Service (hereinafter referred to as “Service”) in order to further reduce the environmental footprint of its products. This service includes an eco-friendly disposal of all PC-related devices while considering all requirements as well as the possibility of a refund for your old devices. With this service you are helping the environment by extending the useful life of products that may have a certain value in the secondary electronics market. You will also ensure that products that have reached the end of their useful life will be either recycled, reused or disposed in such a manner as to meet all applicable local country and state regulatory laws and requirements. By using this Service you agree to these terms and conditions.


The Service is provided by Dynabook authorised service providers (hereinafter referred to as “Service Provider”), who are qualified in providing IT lifecycle services, offering bespoke solutions that help customers manage the commissioning, deployment and retirement of information technology (IT) assets. Depending on the configuration and condition of your assets, Dynabook can provide a list of expected values by product. In order to provide the Service, the Service Provider will have your assets picked-up, packed and shipped by a logistics provider to the hub of the Service Provider. Upon arrival, your assets will be audited and diagnosed, functional tests and cosmetic grading will be performed. Should your assets not be eligible for any residual value, it will be recycled in an environmental friendly manner.

Scope of Application

This Service applies to most IT related product (laptops, tablets, personal computer, server) used by enterprises. “No-name” or self-made products are usually excluded from this service.

Customer Obligations

Depending on the quantity of products you announce for the Service, a handling, packaging and logistics fee may be charged for every product. These fees apply to a minimum quantity of twenty-five systems. Once the logistic provider arrives at your location for pick-up, you must ensure that:

  • all data on your product has been fully backed up.
  • all data (such as personal data, encrypted data, passwords, software and programs not licensed to specific equipment) contained in/on the equipment including hard files, diskettes, storage devices, memory chips and the like have been removed and that any data containing proprietary or confidential information has been deleted in such a way that it cannot be recovered.
  • all passwords and other access security features are removed or disabled and terminate any theft deterrent or laptop tracking software contained within such used assets from systems designated for data sanitization services prior to the logistics providers arrival.
  • only computer equipment and no other products or materials are provided.
  • the types and amount of picked up devices corresponds to those indicated on the list.
  • all agreed accessories are provided with the device(s).
  • all transportation documents required by the applicable law (including those for customs purposes, if necessary) are provided to the logistics provider.
  • the logistics provider has access to loading docks and elevators when doing the collection and that the products are readily available during pick-up time.