Smart Glasses dynaEdge AR100

Smart glasses for your smart business

Equipped with Intel® Equipped with Intel® Core™ m7 processes
Record and stream Record and stream functions to facilitate communications in real-time
Mobile-driven Mobile-driven with its battery and WiFi/Bluetooth connectivity
Tested and strong Tested and strong at MID-810-G standards
Made with Windows Made with Windows 10 Pro for seamless integration
Flexible navigation Flexible navigation from touchpad to programmable and directional buttons
Optional voice Optional voice and gesture capabilities

Revolutionising the way businesses work, dynaEdge AR100 is a smart glass wearable with assisted reality that transform workforces to smart businesses. Find out the benefits below.

Achieve productive performance & improved efficiency

Connect employees with remote experts through document retrieval, tailored workflow solutions and real-time data capture.

Collaborative real-time communication

Experience seamless communication between on-site workers and remote office workers through Remote Expert function to provide real-time support

Attain higher quality standards

Effectively provides work instructions to any employees from wherever they are with real-time capabilities of assessing quality standards and analyse performance.


Achieve productive performance and efficiency with dynaEdge’s “See-What-I-See” functionality that connects onsite technicians to remote experts. The power of Windows 10 and Intel® Core™ CPUs with a display, microphone, touchpad, camera and speakers brings a seamless integration where onsite technicians can receive documents, workflow instructions and real-time data instructions tailored to your business processes.

Power Perform


Accomplish collaborative real-time communication with Remote Expert function that supports field workers through remote experts. These experts will be able to visually assess the situation and can respond with the right training, support, and data tools to the field worker’s device.

Power Perform


Attain higher quality standards by giving frontline workers “knowledge without experience” where assessing work instructions, visual and audio information is more flexible, and changes can be made immediately. With real-time visual data capture, analysing performance instantly means more efficient, productive and accurate work.

Power Perform

Industrial applications



  • Hands-on training with videos for workers
  • Easy access to maintenance guides and task-related information
  • Early detection of machine faults and issues


  • Supplementary visual information
  • Indicating optimum line of movement within the warehouse
  • Suggesting alternative components for items out of stock
  • Effective and efficient real-time inventory management


  • Ensuring of quality control throughout the process
  • Conduct complex on-the-job trainings for new hires
  • Customisable work instructions for various range of products
  • Improving processes with continual process analysis and visual data

dynaEdge Smart Glass Solution kit

Get started with our AR100 kit for a smarter, more efficient, and productive business. The kit includes the AR100 Viewer, USB Type-C cable, DE-100 Holster, cable clip and sturdy carrying case.

minpc kit-box men-in-glasses
  • DE-100 battery pack
  • DE-100 battery charger
  • AC adaptor
  • AR100 lens-less frame ear hooks
  • AR100 safety frame mounting clips
  • Identify your dynaEdge DE-100’s processing power needed for business operations
  • Select your preferred mounting option for AR100 Head Mounted Display from glasses, helmets to headbands
  • Add on additional accessories such as 4-port battery charger, space batteries, cables, etc. if needed